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Saturday, May 3, 2014


(I'm sorry I didn't get this posted sooner.)

This week has been rather... eventful.
we'll start with Monday. We went on a wild goose chase, looking for a Yugioh cards last p-day. The top broke, and my companion was in for a new hobby. We found a hidden whole in the wall store, when we got smart and finally asked a kid where to locate these cards.
It was cool to find a store that stocks other stores. we can buy en mass our favorite snacks, and pay a fraction of the price! ha ha.

Wednesday was 2 of my kabahay's 6 month mark. my companion, and his batch. they bought a case of energy drinks, and stayed up til 2 after drinking 10 each. I would like you all to know I was far to smart to participate.
This week I have been learning how to progress and become more Christ-like despite my environment. I am constantly trying to go up. but sometimes the world just wants to drag you down. I have found it helps to read the Book of Mormon. I love that book! It defiantly will keep it's promise and bring you closer to Christ!

Thursday we didn't do any work. My companion got sick. I wonder why...
to be perfectly fair, an investigator gave him dog meat, on top of what was already in his stomach. that's okay, I guess, because I needed the sleep. There has been a funeral this last week, which means 24 blaring music, and gambling. for a whole week.

the energy drink that they drank, had a contest, collect caps, get a shirt. the store next to us has been giving us the caps from other customers. we collected 120 in 4 days. then we went to redeem it, earlier this p-day. and they are all out of stock. whew! lots of caps we have now!

earlier this Monday, we had a zone activity. 
we had a talent show, that everyone was required to participate in, with the rest of their apartment.
the sisters sang a hymn, and then did the cup song thing, and rapped the hymn for the last verse.
one group did a rap about Joseph Smith while someone hummed armies of Helaman. 
one group did a 4 man push up. that was cool!
obviously my roommates did not learn a lesson, because they insisted we "do the milk challenge"
2 liters of milk in 2 minutes. now remember: milk isn't refrigerated here...
Sooooo.... I was supposed to participate. but I am not stupid. my body is a temple. So after many jives from my roommates, I held the stopwatch. 
immediately after, all the pacific islanders did a hakka. The Maaori hakka is sooooooo cool. one of my roommates led it. he was the only one who finished the milk. I thought for sure he wouldn't even be able to make it on the stage. but then HE WAS SCARY! IT WAS LIKE THE MILK THING DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN! He immediately went out side after it was finished. I can see why it is a war dance, and the Maaori were the best warriors. (taga New Zealand for those of you who don't know)

I have read Jacob through Mosiah this week. some of my favorite verses. The feeling I get when I read makes all of life worth it. Even if I cant feel this way 24/7, It is beautiful for that 1 hour of personal study every day!

Thanks for all your love and support! I know the Lord will bless you, If you ask him. He wants to! all you have to do is ask!
Love you all! ingat!
Vincit Omnia Veritas
Elder A. Cook