Elder Andrew D. Cook entered the MTC on January 15, 2014. I am excited to update as I know how he is doing, especially posting his mass emails.

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Monday, February 23, 2015


sorry for emailing so early. We are headed to the flower festival in a minute, so we are emailing first. I just remembered something that happened in church yesterday.
we visited the youth class, because when we have no investigators, Bishop has asked us to not attend the gospel essentials class, because it would be ONLY missionaries. 
While we were there they asked me to explain why the restoration is important. when I recited the first vision, I asked them how they felt. 
one girl passed me a note a few minutes later. she said "my friend told me she has never felt anything, when she prays about the Book of Mormon. I know it is true, but how do I explain it to her? Can you go to sleep right after praying, or do you need to wait for the answer?
I don't remember EXACTLY what I wrote, but I told her 
1. read Moroni 10:3-5
2. study the Book. don't just read. you have to PROVE you want to know.
3. read D&C 9:7-9
4. Ponder the message it contains. Waiting is not enough either. Decide first and then ask if your decision is right, don't just ask for some vague answer.
5. have the faith to actually ask, BELIEVING your Father in Heaven WANTS to answer you. I know He would answer, even if He said the Book is not true. 

I DO know it's true though! I know, because I followed this pattern, and it has helped me make decisions too often for me to doubt. 
If you still haven't tried this, It's not to late! take the 5 step challenge to eternal happiness!

-love, Elder Cook.

*the other email*
what I did the 3 days we had no work
I found an old stocking in our apartment. I am just the classiest.

Monday, February 16, 2015


  SO, on Monday, we visited the Bell Church, a combination of 5 religions, including Catholic, and Budhist. The member that gave us a tour of the gardens said that he doesn't ever understand what's going on, he just is a dragon dancer. and his cousin is an LDS RM!

  Tuesday we had zone training. The STL, gave a workshop on pride, and how we don't need to compare ourselves to other people's success. 
  then the ZL's gave a workshop. "to be the best, be better than the rest"
oh I love mixed messages! I think I'll trust the STL's interpretation on this one ;)

  Wednesday I went on exchanges out of my area for the first time in over a year. It was AMAZING! Elder Hassell reminds me so much of my friends back home. and not only that, I learned so much, that I don't think I could write it here. If you have read "the 4th missionary" like I keep suggesting, then you will understand when I say, He is a 4th missionary.
  I was incredibly impressed with how he paused to listen to the spirit, and then followed it. later he told me "I'm not sure I am actually hearing the spirit, but I do what ever I feel just in case." I am proud of him. He just finished his training. 
  Also he told me stories of dumb things he did with his friends, like buy a sack FULL of bouncy balls, and throw them at people at the skate park. 
  One guy rolled down his window, and they thought, "oh no! He's going to yell at us!" then the man spoke "Hey! give me some bouncy balls! I want to throw them too!" HA HA. so skate parks are fun places! and he's quite a bit more responsible now

  Thursday, was nothing to talk about.

  Friday was not much better. In fact, Joy's son Anggo (not ungo, like I have said before) got sick off the bad water, then went to the hospital. He got so dehydrated in 24 hours, you could see a difference. He was skinny! but he is out now, so we're happy.

  Saturday, HAPPY VALENTINES! I thought "so I don't have a girl friend, I'll just focus on Charity all day." that's the best kind of love anyway.

  Sunday I gave a talk. AND taught Elder's quorum. and they wanted me to teach the youth class, but bishop said that was against the rules. My talk was on "Becoming a Christlike Teacher" first I talked about why we are all teachers, then second Christlike attributes, and third teaching skills. they I talked about why Christlike attributes and teaching skills are related.
  my class was about being happy even in troubled times. But it seemed to really be about the plan of salvation, and why an eternal perspective gives us happiness. there were three sections. 1. Faith, 2.Personal effort, and 3.Trust and goal setting.

  Today we had the zone activity. We were supposed to have a scavenger hunt at a resort owned by members. But my roommates only finished showering by the time it started. THEN it took 3 hours to get there, because 1. We took a Jeep to town (it takes an hour by taxi, but jeeps are even slower) 2. the Zone leaders gave us wrong directions, and 3. the taxi driver we caught once we got to town got lost.
  so we missed the zone activity, but got there in time for lunch. then we came strait to email. haven't had time to DO anything prepratory today. BUT I found a bakery that is a lot like Kneaders, so I am pretty happy with my breakfast this morning. 
  IRONY OF IT ALL: We woke up at five, but they still weren't finished showering by 7:30
  Oh well, today was a pretty fantastic day anyway, because we just talked to the other missionaries for 3 hours, and ate lunch sometime in that period, while lounging around a resort, (Even if we missed the scavenger hunt)

Have a great week! love you all!

Vincit Omnia Veritas
Elder A. Cook

pday again!!!

more pictures!

MORE pictures!

Monday, February 9, 2015

2-9-2015 More Pictures

I didn't know he took a picture of the Iglesia ni Cristo. that is actually against the rules, so sorry I sent that picture! oops! also I saw the flash while I was at the dentist. I suspected he took my picture. now I know! ha ha!

2-9-2015 pictures

so I am forwarding the pictures again, these are not the pictures I took. I won't even bother deleting the ones that are not of me, so you will just have to wade through the extra, ha? I didn't know he took some of these pictures of me actually :D