Elder Andrew D. Cook entered the MTC on January 15, 2014. I am excited to update as I know how he is doing, especially posting his mass emails.

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Monday, April 21, 2014


Dear family. This week was "Holy week". You see, here in the Philippines, or at least my area, they don't really celebrate Easter, they celebrate Holy week, which includes Easter Sunday. The dominant church in the area in Catholicism, which is less concerned with the resurrection of Christ, as it is concerned with the death of Christ. In fact, the big day of Holy Week is Good Friday, which is the alleged death of Christ, three days before Easter Sunday. No one did anything on Sunday, and Saturday is the party day, when everyone makes up for the day before, when they are not allowed to have any fun whatsoever. surprisingly we got more lessons on Saturday than a normal day, because it was too hot to go to the beach, which is the general practice. Our ward party wason Friday, just because someone was bad at planning, and all the resorts were closed, because they are run by Catholics. We invited a less active member to the ward party and he said "I'm not catholic, but out of respect for my friends, I'm not doing anything Friday, that was really insensitive of your planner" We were really confused because my companion is also LDS, and didn't know anything about Holy Week either.
This week, we taught less actives most of the time. One time there was a near accident outside the house, and both involved parties were drunk. It was a three family lesson, so there were ang daming children. so we closed the windows, and just taught a second lesson to the kids, while the adults got everything straitened out. we also had all the missionaries from the ward over, because they heard a rumor that the family was planning on feeding us, and the missionaries invited themselves. which meant there was a total of six missionaries, and the ward mission leader. 

This week we found "Beyblades", (or plastic battling tops for those of you who are a little older) in a store for 25 pisos each, or roughly 55 cents us. so my companion and I both bought one for p-day. it turns out, that we both got HALF of one, and they were opposite halves, so we had one together. Fortunately, the  shop is LDS run, so they let us return them. Instead, I got a Philippino wooden top, for half the price.

My room mates are all foreigners, and I have had 2 white companions in a row, which is unheard of! 
I feel like I have known Elder Karch, my companion, since before I was born. We were instant friends, and we have the most HILARIOUS conversations as we walk to appointments 2 kilos away. (public transit is too expensive)

Speaking of expenses, we have been in a famine. we only had half our money for a whole month, however, I learned how really good about budgeting before my mission, and things like souvenirs are supposed to be bought with money from home, so it was not much skin off my ilong. I actually still have money left over. AND as a result of the famine, we have and extra 500 pisos every month from now on. (however, we used to be payed every two weeks, now its once a month)

I wish I had some amazing spiritual experience to talk about, but our week has been rather uneventful, other than what I have already told you about. Well, actually, It turns out my last companion, trained me wrong on some of the rules. I have learned how it is supposed to be done, with reference to the mandate from President, which I was shown, and have started doing it right, so it's not my sin! Ha ha.

Also we found record of a couple investigators Elder Robison never took me to, and they are golden investigators. Elder Robison said he dropped them, because he thought they only had a crush on him, but they told us what happened when they prayed about the Book of Mormon, and Elder Karch whispered to me "what was Elder Robsion smoking? These investigators NEED to be baptized." Apparently, It was the middle of a drought, It hadn't rained in six months, and sister said "If this book is true, it will start raining now." and it started raining. she said "that could just be a fluke, if this book is true, it will start raining again!" and it started raining again! I actually remember the day it rained twice, because everyone was super excited for the rain. I guess that means she prayed about the book, after he stopped coming to her, so maybe its good we didn't visit her before now :D

well that is my week. and I'm ten minutes over my time, so INGAT! Mahal ko kayo lahat! magkaroon masarap tulog! ingat!

Vincit Omnia Veritas
Elder A. Cook