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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

4-7-2014 letter

so, really nothing exciting happened this week.
I get a new companion on Thursday. but that is next week.
I'm glad no one ruined conference surprises for me :D I won't see it til: you guessed it! NEXT WEEK
The only eventful thing that has happened, Is that I lost my two amazing investigators. They are not interested anymore. For showing me how powerful the spirit can be, It is sad that they didn't understand well enough to change. 

There was a couple 'minor' events. They opened a new store called save more in Candon, the local large city. The next closest save more is Baguio, which is actually the summer capitol of the Philippines. (4 hours away.) save more is like a cross between Ikea and walmart, and clean. Almost terrifyingly clean. It's the only place to get American products, and I have been affirmed I will be here for another six weeks, so that will be cool. I got Doritos today, man, relatively the same price as home, but three times the price of any other chips!   I'm excited to try calamancy soda. It was pretty cheap, and calamancy is so good! I tried 3 new fruits this week. Macopa (kind of like mini apples but not really. I cant explain taste!), Calamancy (like mini limes, only way more intense. and a little bit sweeter) and guava, which I have had the juice of before, but trust me the fruit is way better than the juice. and fresh!

We say a lwalwa laban yesterday (in Ilkano). Also called, Laban ng gagumba. or  SPIDER FIGHT! Sorry, that's the best picture I have. I got a short video though. cant send it. they keep them in match boxes, and they dont bite people.  when you hold them, they roll up into what looks like a small rock, and they are stored in match boxes! then when they put them on a stick, it's to the death! they don't need to be fed because they eat the other spider. It's kind of violent, but it is a nifty trick.

The other game they play is with pogs. unlike american style, they just hold them in the palm of their hand, and kind of "high five" their opponent. if yours is right side up, then you win! they also use small cards.
 The last game is bato bato pick, or rock rock choose. also known as rock paper scissors! haha

OH! I finally remembered something amazing! Look up two talks. "The fourth missionary" by Lawrence Corbridge* and "why the restoration happened when it did" by Hyrum smith.** That last one may be really difficult to find. But it is well worth the effort. I will put the cliff notes version in my email next week :D It was super impactfull. I'm also reading Jesus the Christ in my studies. It is phenominal! I want to be just like Jesus! All the Philippino missionaries look at me strange when they see me reading it. "I don't know why you read that. It makes no sense." Ha ha we tell them it's "deep english" because they use the term "deep Tagolog" to describe the bible.

I want to tell you what I learned, but I believe it will be more impactful if you go after it on your own. I just want you to know, you are always changing. Never think you are standing still. You are either going up or down, and the smart person makes sure they are improving. Because it's alot easier than going down. You might say that the opposite is true. It's good to go down, and bad to climb the latter, and it's a whole lot easier to fall. Maybe "The enemy's gate is down" will help out you nerd reading this.

Now finally, I only got one baptism. The girl did NOT get baptised, But Nino did. That's his name. Saturnino Alnajes (pronounced ninyo alanahes)

Anyway, I'm out of time, but I love you all. There is Always a purpose for everything!

Vincit Omnia Veritas
Elder A. Cook

*Link from mom: Lawrence Corbridge "The Fourth Missionary" pdf
**Link from mom (I'm not sure if this is what he is referring to but here you go.): Hyrum W. Smith "The Restoration of the Church, Why Now?"