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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

3-31-2014 letter

Somehow, for once, I actually replied to everyone!
So I am running out of time, so here are the most important points.

I got a free strait edge razor, from the barbar shop where I cut my hair.
I NOW SHAVE LIKE A MAN! (note: I spelled barber wrong on purpose, and those it matters to know why.)

I also got a duyan, (or hammock, literally means net) for really cheap, (I'm getting good at bargaining) and I will now get the best sleep ever. they are really common here. every house has one, but they don't look like they do in the states. I'll try and send a picture some day

Probably most important this week, I started my study of my 3rd language yesterday! Tagolog, English, and ILKANO! 
anyone over 50 here would rather speak English than Tagolog  because they speak Ilkano in this mission. 1 out of 3 people cant speak Tagolog, but fortunately we have members to help teach. It's frustrating to me to not be able to share, so I am starting to learn, and I hope to be at least proficient, If not fluent, soon.

The water fall is sooooo gorgeous! It is in our area, and we have started teaching near it, even though we can only go to the actual fall on p-day. we met a man, who has been formerly taught by missionaries, and is now being prepared to learn the rest, as he said "I didn't learn enough about your church to join, but I know that no church is true, so I have no religion, but I have Jesus. I'm not catholic anymore." they taught the apostasy well, but apparently not the restoration. They must have been pulled out too soon unfortunately

The water fall is layed out the same as Kiawanis park in Pleasant Grove. It was good for me to be in nature, in a way that showed me God love me. Kiawanis park, is my own personal "holy place" so when It looked almost exactly the same, I nearly had a heart attack!

Sunday was not horrible. I usually hate Sunday, but this week, we told the bishop we needed to actually work, so we didn't wait four five hours for the zone meeting like we usually do, and It was a spiritual hardworking day!

Finally and most important, last night I was a little sick. Nothing terrible! don't panic. It's just cold season here. I slept for a while before dinner, and after planning. When I was half way between asleep and awake, I started thinking about goal setting, and how I wish we had key indicators and daily planning at Radioshack, then I realized I could make key indicators for my personal goals, and It just clicked that is how I can learn and progress just as  well when I get home, as I do here. and now I have started. I am super excited :D

well anyway, I am 4 minutes over so ingat! I love you!

Vincit Omnia Veritas
Elder A. Cook