Elder Andrew D. Cook entered the MTC on January 15, 2014. I am excited to update as I know how he is doing, especially posting his mass emails.

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Monday, June 22, 2015


I had written a big long letter out, but I couldn't go home to go get it, we just came right to email from the zone activity.

so Happy Father's day! I wrote a nice little bit about Father's day, and the importance of celestial covenants, so just pretend you are edified :P

In fact, I learned a TON this week, I made a lesson plan for teaching how to make lesson plans, and I was EDIFIED by the Spirit (and we rejoiced together!) and now I suddenly realized how ALL the teaching skills fit together into one lesson plan! I would love to describe it to you, but I haven't finished writing it up yet.

I have not seen as much success in my whole mission as I have in the last 6 weeks. I still haven't saved the world thirty people at a time, but I have instead made the quality of my lessons SOOOOOO much better. I feel like I understand the doctrine better my self. as in, I KNEW the doctrine before, and my knowledge hasn't increased per say, but it just seems to be more a PART of me :D in Tagalog I would say unawan vs naintindihin but you English speakers just can't get this :P I will just write out a bit more about lesson plans, and send it to all my missionary friends. It helped me a lot. It's kind of amazing how everything just fits together!

yesterday we had the most successful FHE ever. And BlessmeLord Ramos is all finished with the lessons, and his dad was supposed to be interviewed to be made a priest, but for some reason the interview was cancelled. HOWEVER Brother Ramos sr. bore his testimony, and it was Father's day, and I feel like that was the first time I have felt the Spirit from the closing remarks of an FHE. Maganda.

Actually, madyo trunky na ako. Everywhere I turn they are talking about covenants, and marriage, and Families, And fathers, and in the last transfer, I have heard at least 4-5 general authorities tell us not to wait to finish our schooling before getting married... I think I finally have a plan for what I want to do when I get home. (like they told us to make in the MTC!) at the very least I don't feel a stupor of thought :P

oh, by the way, our zone activity was just hanging out at the beach, nothing amazing! have a great week! love you all!

Part 2 sent in second email

Oh! I forgot to mention, my companion and I have started a campaign to teach "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" to all our less active families. We will be going through all the principles listed and teaching one lesson at a time. First is Faith, then Prayer, Repentance, Forgiveness... etc. have a read! here's something to get your studies started:
Faith is the foundation of a successful family: Helaman 5:12
Next week, I will get you a quote about how there was never any couple that prayed together every day, that couldn't work out any problem.

President Balledos came to our district meeting, and gave some GREAT advice about extending commitments, (which went into my lesson plan) like I said, Even though there have not yet been any baptisms (I haven't been here long enough for someone to be baptized) there are for sure CONVERSIONS because my teaching skills have gotten soooo much better, and the Spirit can testify more! Elder Anderson (quoting Elder Scott) told us that missionaries in the Philippines need to teach more THOROUGHLY in order to convert, not just baptize. 

There was one sister I was a little peeved at because she was constantly chastising everyone for things that are not actually rules. I prepared my self to kindly explain how I felt, but then I over heard her telling someone how she "thinks that Elder Cook is probably her best friend in the mission, because he always tries to look for the Spirit"  well now, I couldn't stay irritated at that now could I?! :P I still might need to discuss this with her, because it is causing a bit of hurt feeling with my roommates, but I know she is trying hard to do what is right, and I am too. 

I am happy always. San Fernando is so beautiful! I can't explain why. I probably have deal with worse disobedience here, than any other time in my mission, but I am just happy now.
something just clicked. It must have to do with my better understanding of the Gospel Doctrines :D basta happy lang ako! 

Have a great week! Lots of love!