Elder Andrew D. Cook entered the MTC on January 15, 2014. I am excited to update as I know how he is doing, especially posting his mass emails.

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Monday, February 9, 2015


here's what I forgot to write: My companion's crush (that he met here, but is now home in Mindnaw) sent him brownies. He doesn't want any other missionaries to know he "likes" a former sister missionary, so he hid the package, and we came home for 10 minutes to eat them, when our roommates were gone! ha ha! We went to another tourist site today, but I will tell you about it next week! I also finally made it to the dentist. today was eventful!
have a great week! This was probably my best weekly email, so make sure you actually read the attachment!

*mass update*
I think last week I said I was worried about Elder Karch having a heart attack? (my follow up trainer) but It turns out it was his mother, and not him that had the attack, Rumors just get spread. If you could pray for his mom though, that would be awesome!

*mass update 2*
my grandma sent me a really great thought I wanted to share with everyone!

"Thursday We went to the temple to do sealings.  I was able to get some members from the ward.  I had 8 men say they would come, only 5 showed up.  I had 87 sealings to do, I was hoping to have two rooms going.  We only had enough for one room. We did 46 sealings.  Ten couples makes 20 people sealed, 36 children sealed makes 108 people sealed, for a total of 128 people sealed for eternity   One hour of time can affect 128 people for eternity, It was neat to think of it this way. It was so awesome to sit in the sealing room and look at the  mirrors while sealings were going on.   Went back on Saturday to do a session.  I love the temple and the peace you feel while their."

when you put it in numbers It's pretty amazing. but now let's look at it this way:
Joy has 2 kids. both of them will get married. the youngest, Ungo, will go on a mission. aside from Joy's grandchildren, Ungo will probably baptise at least 5 people. some of them will have kids, who will go on missions. so we have two exponentials going. x= the number of Joy's Grandchildren, and y= missionary converts from the posterity. (x^n)*(y^n).  when you put the gospel in numbers... Holy cow.

*another email*

thought you all might want to see these, ah?