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Sunday, March 23, 2014

3-17-2014 Letter

(sorry I had a crazy week and forgot to post this.)

My companion showed me a cool trick. We take pictures of emails, and then read them over the course of the week, unless we know we need to reply right away. This way we can save time, and have joy throughout the week :D 
For those of you who asked, or want to know, I can and have received dear elder in the field, however I believe it costs to you. I may be wrong about that. Let me know!
We have a golden family, and I met them my first time tracting. We asked them to pray about the Book of Mormon, and the brother said that he hasn't wanted to smoke or drink since then, and we haven't taught the word of wisdom yet! The sister said she is always nervous applying for jobs, but she felt like praying, and said she was not scared at all! we hadn't expected this kind of response, but they want us to visit, and they want to come to church each week! It's so beautiful!
We keep having people walk up to us and say "OY ELDERS!" (we walk over) "Kamusta brother!" "I've heard about Mormons, and I want you to teach me" 
It has happened three or four times now, and my companion said it had not happened any other time on his mission! (I think his previous companions were a little disobedient) We just need faith!
My favorite time is when a man was sitting on the side of the road, and we started the conversation. He got a big ol' smile. "Are you waiting for a trike brother?" "No... I just felt a strange urge to come sit out here. I keep seeing you walk by from my window, and I've always wanted to get to know you and I don't know why." or the time when a man said "I have no religion because they are all business and God hasn't told me which one is right yet, but my coworker in America was such a good person!" 

On a less spiritual note, we are in a famine. I only get half as much money for this month, but in return next month I get an extra five hundred pisos or so.

Back to the spiritual. We have taught two lessons about faith this week. Both times the less active we taught ended up crying at the end. The first was our first visit with the brother. It was the first time he came back to church in 5 months. I cant figure out why he ever left, because he worked for the church until he retired, and we caught him studying the scriptures, which was cool because he didn't know we were coming, he thought it was another day.
The second was a family, for the last few lessons, the 17 year old has been really grouchy. She wouldn't study the Book of Mormon on her own. after the dinner appointment we caught her reading on her own, gluing in an insert, and marking a ton. She also cried, and was back to her bubbly self, which was so refreshing. Also, her sister came for the first time in months as well!
We're teaching the scripture again today after 6. I hope we get similar results.

My companion is Elder Robison. No N. He is 6' 4". He's from Provo, his favorite color is blue, his favorite food is anything from Wendy's, and after his mission, he wants to "live the country life" which basically means, getting a big truck, cowboy hat, boots, "big ol' belt buckle" and driving up on a hill alone, blasting country, and sitting on his hood, and then napping for a couple hours. He says he thinks it's a perfect date, if you bring a picnic. He also has a pair of shorts with tiny sharks embossed on them.

We had a conference with Elder Arden of the first quorum of the 70. He explained what a 70 is, and what they do, and now it makes so much sense! (but it would take a whole email to explain, so you'll have to figure it out on your own) He also gave a ton of good advice, and mostly answered questions. He's a great teacher. 


His advice changed one of the Elders in my apartment over night. He was super worried about going back to the way he was before his mission, because of his friends, which is to say, not good. President Arden suggested "Marry someone who inspires you" and Elder Gemmel realized, he just needs to marry quickly!
He gave a lot more advice for missionaries, but again, that would take a whole email, because the conference was an entire day!

Today was zone activity day! the beach is sobrang maganda! 

Finally, I made a list of everything unique about the philippines, and I will be making a field journal. I found this gorgeous leather bound book, that ties closed with a leather strap. I will be putting it in there. Maybe I have a picture. If so, I will put it in the email.

also, 2 nephi 9:17
and Alma 42:21

the Lord always makes sure you know the Law. There are never any phantom laws. If he wants you to do something, he tells you. :D

Vincit Omnia Veritas
Elder A. Cook