Elder Andrew D. Cook entered the MTC on January 15, 2014. I am excited to update as I know how he is doing, especially posting his mass emails.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Multiple Mass Emails (Mom's catching up)

My apologies. I have been lazy about getting on the computer to share. I'm grateful that only 52 more days until he's home. I'm feeling somewhat burned out on getting these emails to the blog.

This email was sent Oct 18:

We were hit by a massive hurricane. It was bigger than the entire Philippines, and it went right through Manila! we are on the far coast, shielded by a mountain, and we are still without power for three days. we had to travel to the nearest big city to email! (big city? ha! Bacnotan doesn't  even have Jollibee!)
For the first time in my mission sacrament was cancelled, so we were stuck in the house. in the evening we played board games. unfortunately our gas ran out, so we were eating cold canned food! yuck! power should be back tomorrow :D
President has declared all missionaries are in training again, so we are doing "the first 12 weeks" again, but in my case it's "the last 12 weeks"

Just got my temple recommend renewed. It was soooo cool to hold that little piece of paper :D I felt the peace :D

That's all for this week! I love the Phillipines!

This email was sent Oct 25, his bday was Oct 23:

Happy happy happy Birthday!

My verse last week was D&C 29:7 what I learned was that the work of salvation is a passive experience, much like a roller coaster. we are not the source of energy, our Father in Heaven is the source. we are just along for the ride! we are however called to be the catalyst, (to bring to pass) so what we do is just try as many times as we possibly can, and the Elect will just come to us.

I am sure you remember my "With-out Guile" picture last year,
well It's almost December, and I have chosen my 3 words for this year. It is best found in this article https://www.lds.org/new-era/2010/09/truth-will-prevail?lang=eng

This email was sent Nov 1:

attached: my personal study, and my 3 words. (But it's so blurry!)

I got in a fight with one of my roommates. last Monday we found him in a computer shop by himself. he wasn't even wearing a tie! goodness gracious!
He was bullying his companion into paying for everything, and told him he wouldn't work if the other Elder didn't pay.
Now, I let them have their own disagreements at first... stay out of other people's business. but then he wanted to do exchanges with us, (like last week) a second time. and I said no, because my area is so not progressing, I need to find like crazy. but he kept going on about it. so eventually I let them do exchanges, but as soon as we were out of the house I called the zone leaders.
I don't really care too much if he is disobedient in his own area, but if he is disobedient in MY area, that's when I get furious! they didn't even go out and work that morning. It hurt my work.
He hasn't talked to me since then. it's been a full week now. what ever. He said he can't handle the stress of working. heh heh maybe he's not ready to be on a mission then? maybe that's a harsh judgment...

On the other hand, we do have one little hope in our area. the one progressing investigator we have is getting baptized this week! Her name is Dianne, she is a dropped former investigator, but she called us my second day here and asked to be baptized, and has kept every commitment since then.
We also found 15 new people this week, but I think only 1 of them will actually let us come back.
we just got news that Elder Castillo is transferring next week... to my old area with Elder Jones! say what?!
Yesterday was "Araw ng mga patay" pretty much like our memorial day
​we were given so much food, and only taught one person. everyone else was at the cemetery! Elder Castillo had a hard week, because he was remembering his family. at first I got a little frustrated, because he wouldn't talk about hit, until things finally cracked, and I think we became a lot closer. I just testified about why I'm on a mission, and that he is stronger than he thinks.

Of course you and I also have people to remember, and the things they did are written on our hearts, and to them I say:
Dios ang inyong kasama, hanggan sa muling pagkikita natin.

Ah! I have to retake the picture! I spelled prevail wrong! I even used a spell checker on my phone! 

My Verse

1 Nephi 
13:37 (I think one of you sent this to me last week, but it was ironic, because I had already chosen it.) I learned the difference between the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and the Power of the Holy Ghost. It is in fact the same difference as those who are called and those who are chosen, and the only thing the Lord asks us to sacrifice is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. The Holy Ghost is peace. we might not expect constant guidance, but we CAN expect constant peace, and guidance when necessary :D

This should be all caught up and ready for his email tomorrow!