Elder Andrew D. Cook entered the MTC on January 15, 2014. I am excited to update as I know how he is doing, especially posting his mass emails.

Writing & Shipping information is found in the right hand column.

There is also a link to a few different translators to help us guess what Andrew said. :D Sometimes I get a better idea when I remove his ! from a word.

Monday, August 18, 2014


*note from mom: Andrew sent recordings last week that no one to my knowledge was able to open. I don't think they actually got uploaded all the way on his side or something. He didn't send any other letter.

Anything to save 60 pisos right? 
MAN! with my new companion the spirit is SOOO STRONG in our lessons! it's like I'm back in the MTC or with my first companion again! Now I hope that I can keep my lessons like this for the next 18 months! I am now officially serving a sister's mission haha!
Vincit Omnia Veritas
Elder A. Cook